For women

For women

We invite beautiful, intelligent, responsible and business women to join the Prestige Dating Club to get acquainted with a decent man for serious relationship and family creation.

The clients of our club are a successful, serious and business men, who due to amount of work do not have the time or opportunity to get acquainted with women in usual way. Men of Prestige club appreciate in a woman is not only beauty, but also her mind, inner world, care and support, activity and desire to grow.

In our work we follow the principles of confidentiality, so you can be assured of the safety of your data and your reputation! We work with clients only in private and never let us post information and photos of our members anywhere on the internet!

We do not work in usual on-line dating format. Only real dates with worthy men, no chats and web interviews. Only the personal service and focus on the results.

Prestige club offers girls free to join dating club.

To join Prestige Dating Club database free, send us a request. We ask to treat the questionnaire and to provide the most open and comprehensive answers to the questions.
After receiving your application and processing your data, club’s manager will notify you about the men you are interested. If the interest is mutual, the man is interested in you, your personal manager will arrange a date.

How to send a request

  • Step 1. Fill out the online form and fill in information about yourself and what you are looking for in a man.
  • Step 2. Please download the latest your 6 photos in good quality, which show your face and figure. Photos must be of your personal. Not allowed other people’s photos, because in the future you will have a meeting with the manager of the club. If we find that you have provided the wrong photo, your profile will be blacklisted and you will never be able to get into our club.
  • Step 3. When we receive your application and photos, you will receive a notification that we received your information.
  • Step 4. All applications are processed in a timely manner. We will contact you when we find a pair for you.

Additional amenities Prestige Club:

Individual counseling on relationships psychologist
Psychologist of Prestige Club is Svetlana Zhovnirenko. She is practicing psychologist, psychotherapist (Ericson therapy), business coach, member of the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists. She has 20 years of successful experience in individual counseling, coaching and teaching at leading universities of Ukraine. Among her clients there are prominent politicians, business leaders, public figures in Ukraine and abroad.

Dating coach Consultation
It will help you eliminate the emotions, nervousness and self-doubt before a date. Dating coach will recommend a winning strategy of positioning and self-presentation during a meeting that will help you win the heart of your girl.

Imagemaker consultation about choosing your style, analysis (analysis) of the wardrobe, the image of the recommendations
Job imagemaker – consultation about choosing your style, support during the shopping, wardrobe preparation

Professional photo shoot
for successful your personal profile (including photographer services, studio rent, makeup, hair, style recommendations)

Stylist’s services before a date –
the selection of the image, hairstyle, make-up, choosing clothes and accessories

Services of professional interpreters Help with translation, chatting and interpretation service during the dates

Help with visas application and other. Documents for marriage with a foreigner.

Help with correspondence.

To use additional Prestige Dating Club services use our contact form or call our office!