Эрик, 47 лет, ДанияAfter failed marriage you just cannot strongly believe in the future happy relationship anymore. There is some frustration, distrust, fear of failure, or of choosing the wrong woman. But I decided to try luck and sent the request to Prestige club Ukraine.The owner of the agency met me personally, we have been talking, discussing relationships, family values etc. After a couple of weeks from our last meeting, and I was offered to meet with several women. They were really beautiful, very cute, sociable and besides, they all knew English. I liked Elena very much, that it was something fascinating in her, and as we see later, a lot of common interests. We both have two children, we love working, traveling, and much more;)
But the most important – we feel very good together, we live in harmony and love.
Therefore, I sincerely recommend Prestige club agency that helped us find happiness with Eelena! I am sure, they will help you, do not have any doubts about their professionalism and quality
Eric, 47 years old, Denmark

Антони, 35 лет, ШвейцарияI am a successful, independent and self-sufficient, with a good career and salary. After self-realization in business I have decided that it’s time to think about family. Start searching for my future girlfriend, I have tried a lot of ways, starting with online dating, ending with bars and clubs. After a certain amount of time has come to the conclusion that the time spent doesn’t justify my desires, girls from a lot of websites are lying, and the girls in the bars and clubs “hunt” for my state, not for me. After another disappointment decided to try dating agency. I chose Prestige agency, which I found on the Internet. And I do not regret till this moment! After sending the request I was contacted by a manager who politely learned my story, my life style, preferences, etc. Two weeks later I flew to Kiev to get acquainted with Ukrainian girls. It was about 3 visits, all the girls are wonderful, charming, beautiful and lovely, but the choice was made as soon as I saw Mary … Since then, it’s been half a year, we still fly to each other, but I hope in the near future, Maria will move to me . I sincerely thank the club dating experts for their beloved mate, you are professionals in your field!
Antony, 35 years old, Switzerland

Анна и Энрико, ИталияWe are happy!!! How great it is to meet your soulmate, with whom it is very comfortable and easy. Just recently returned from a romantic holiday in Barcelona. Thank you, Katerinas, for uniting us!
Anna and Enrico, Italy

I would recommend Prestige Dating Agency to anyone who wants to meet a really nice and beautiful Ukrainian girl. The agency proposed me several different girls and sent me email with the pictures and a description about them. Prestige agency was very professional and fair. I was completely happy with my date, and some weeks later I invited the girl to Germany and we had a wonderful weekend.
Roberto, 45 years old , Germany

I am grateful to destiny, and of course, Prestige club for letting me know Brayan. That meeting changed my life. I became happy and beloved woman next to him, and a few days ago Brian made me proposal! Thank you very much for the owners of the club for advice, sensitive approach and a wonderful man!
Lisa, 30 years old, Ukraine

I admire you! What smart girls you are!! You have everything under control, better than European agencies.
Kseniya, 28 years old, Ukraine